SDCC ’10: Hello Hollywood

28 Jul

San Diego Comic-Con has gone star crazy with Michael Cera, Angeline Jolie and many others all touting their films.  Comic purists may sniff, but we had a great time wallowing in commercialism.  I mean let’s face it, it’s loads of sunshine and the best looking con crowd ever.

Getting our badge on Thursday was a dream compared to other large scale events we’ve been to in the past.  Kudos to the large battalion of volunteers manning the rows and rows of check-in stations.

Highlights included: sharing a ride in the elevator with R2D2 (I pressed the button), some impressive Cylon sightings,

Panels were definitely crowded, but we were able to squeeze into the Yo Gabba Gabba room and listen to the creative team talk about  their inspirations for the hit show.  Sounds like a feature film is in the near future.

And there was the unexpected Kevin Smith sighting where we got caught in the scrum of fanboys taking pics.

Other surreal events- apparently there was an altercation between two fans involving pen stabbing. The Machete outdoor party lived up to its hype with Michelle Rodriguez baring her midriff and serving tacos.  Sure we’ve sold out and will definitely be back next year with our Sharpies and comfy shoes.


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