C2E2 Report from Chicago

22 Mar

The 2nd Annual Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo on March 18-20 was a refreshing change from the giganta-cons we’ve hit recently.  Even though it was held in the monstrous McCormick Place it still felt like a manageable event – kind of like Boston as a city compared to New York, all the benefits of the big city without most of the drawbacks.  Archaia had a huge presence front and center at the show and looked like they did very well with their titles like Mouse Guard.
Georgia and I had a blast hitting the Artist Alley.  We met some great people there like Robert Atkins, Chris Sotomayor, and the wonderful guys at Comic Geek Speak.  The panels were terrific with no lines or waiting.  The Intellectual Property panel was very popular, the Food & Comics with Rick Bayless the strangest.  Panelists did a bang-up job trying to draw parallels between the two though.

The day ended at the Nerd Bar of the adjoining Hyatt where we met Shanna VanVolt and David Pepose of Newsrama, and Black Panther writer David Liss, novelist and ended up having dinner


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