Twitter Interview with Matt Fraction on Casanova

11 May

@amychu @comicexperience whattdya got. fire away.

@mattfraction oooh OK- 1) how did it get started? did you pitch Casanova to Image or vice versa? 2) re Marvel – same question…

@amychu 1)was asked to pitch a book in FELL format; was into’d by @warrenellis. 2) I asked after a while, then waited for stars to align

@mattfraction question #3: will we get to see all seven sins?

@amychu at least thru 4, but signs are good. Reprint numbers as high as old versions were. Optimistic.

@mattfraction vewwy cool. thanks! what were you most & least pleased with the way the new Casanova came out?

@amychu the colors, the letters, and how they made the already-amazing art better/the writing

@mattfraction last question before I put my tots to bed- dare I ask, is there a movie adaptation in the works?

@amychu yes, but it’s not the first time. Might as well play the lottery, but, again: optimistic.




One Response to “Twitter Interview with Matt Fraction on Casanova”

  1. Georgia May 23, 2011 at 1:49 am #

    You should repost this in the CE Forum! Great info in such a short convo!

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