Writing About a Difficult Subject

11 Sep

After graduating from Andy Schmidt’s Comics Experience Introductory Writing course a couple of months ago, this is a piece I wrote for the online creators forum monthly challenge.   The directive was “Write a 5 to 22-page script about 9/11, the hunt for Bin Laden, or the killing of Bin Laden that is researched and factual, but character driven. What the story is, what point of view you choose, who your characters are, are all up to you. ”

This was only my second try at writing a script, and I was surprised at how emotional I became during the writing process.  During 9/11 I lived  in lower Manhattan and watched the towers fall outside my window.  All I could think about at the time were the people in the building, and how my husband had turned down an offer from a firm on the 103rd floor, and ever since I have avoided revisiting the coverage of those events, especially around this time of year.  So I suppose the title of this story “Closure” has meaning for me personally as well.  I hope you enjoy the beautiful artwork by Silvio.  My original thought was to have it colored but decided to leave it as is.

2 Responses to “Writing About a Difficult Subject”

  1. jemurr October 11, 2011 at 3:39 pm #

    Hey it’s Jim from Comics Experience. Great stuff. Just one thing, you have May 2cnd, 2001 instead of May 2011.

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