Alpha Girl Comics Takes Manhattan

13 Oct

A banner day!

Look at this wonderful banner pic taken by Comics Experience member  George O’Conner.  If you are on your way to Artist Alley we will be just around the corner from David Finch, Greg Horn and fellow Harvard alum Cliff Chiang.  Browse a wide selection of offerings from our friends including:

Gutter Magic by Rich Douek swords, sorcery and sixguns. 3 one shot stories.

SkyGirl and the SuperHeroic Legacy by Joe Sergi. Young adult novel coming of age story involving capes, apes, and Aliens.

Awaken by Janine Frederick. BFF, boys, world domination. What’s a young antichrist to do?

Meridien City #1 sci-fi mystery by Georgia Lee.  A hard-boiled police inspector discovers strange beings in the outer reaches of her planet, and in the process unearths something shocking about her own path and destiny.

I will be at the booth #2939 on and off Saturday and Sunday with Georgia so stop by and say hi!

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