Review: Resident Alien #1

23 May

by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse
Release date: May 23, 2012 $3.50 #1 of 3

The doctor is IN—and he’s an alien!

I ‘ve been pulling late nights thrashing out an alien detective concept for the last couple of weeks now so you can imagine my horror when I spied DARK HORSE COMICS RESIDENT ALIEN #1 in the store this morning. NOOOOO!!!! Curse you, Mssrs. Hogan and Parkhouse! Anyway, it’s a neat device and different enough that I will continue my review here without banging my head too much on the wall…

This is an enjoyable straight-up police procedural with an alien twist. The extraterrestrial in question is stranded by an unfortunate crash landing and forced to lay low in a small town somewhere in the US. Fortunately for him, there is a MURDER and the police need his help to solve it, or he might be bored to tears since he’s apparently waited an inordinate amount of time for the extraterrestrial AAA mechanics to come by and fix his ship. Through some alien trickery he’s able to disguise his appearance and passes himself off as a Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle. Dr. V’s nice. He’s empathetic. He makes tea. If he were human he would probably be a great boyfriend. Both creators have had long runs on 2000 AD and plenty of other comics so what you see is what you get – competence with no headscratching dialogue or artwork trickery. I did not read the prequel #0 but that didn’t seem to impair my understanding of the story at all.

Read an interview with Peter Hogan here:

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