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Radical’s Facebook Sweepstakes: One Way to get into San Diego Comic-con

13 May

Didn’t get your act together to get your tickets to San Diego Comic-Con this year? You have one more shot via a Facebook sweepstakes courtesy of Radical Publishing
One lucky winner will receive two four-day passes to this year’s SDCC, which sold out within minutes of going online. The winner will also receive front-of-the-line access and picture privileges to Radical Publishing VIP events.

Too bad it doesn’t include airfare and hotel.

Twitter Interview with Matt Fraction on Casanova

11 May

@amychu @comicexperience whattdya got. fire away.

@mattfraction oooh OK- 1) how did it get started? did you pitch Casanova to Image or vice versa? 2) re Marvel – same question…

@amychu 1)was asked to pitch a book in FELL format; was into’d by @warrenellis. 2) I asked after a while, then waited for stars to align

@mattfraction question #3: will we get to see all seven sins?

@amychu at least thru 4, but signs are good. Reprint numbers as high as old versions were. Optimistic.

@mattfraction vewwy cool. thanks! what were you most & least pleased with the way the new Casanova came out?

@amychu the colors, the letters, and how they made the already-amazing art better/the writing

@mattfraction last question before I put my tots to bed- dare I ask, is there a movie adaptation in the works?

@amychu yes, but it’s not the first time. Might as well play the lottery, but, again: optimistic.




Free Comic Book Day Hits Midtown Manhattan

10 May

Thankfully Saturday May 7 was a glorious day as we hit Midtown Comics in Times Square NYC. Arriving promptly at opening 11am my son and I were dismayed to see the line stretch all the way down the block. Apparently people started lining up before 8 am.




Comic Geek Speak Super Show or Guns, Guns, Guns

2 May

Over 80 indy creators and several hundred comic book fans descended upon the former industrial town of Reading, PA for the CGS Super Show April 30-May 1 for a riotous good time. Sharing the Reading Expo Center with a gun show.  I was only able to make it down for Sunday which apparently turned out to be the better day.

Pop for 50 cents, dollar hot dogs.  What is there not to like about this con?

Artist Tony Moore and wife Kara were very friendly and approachable. Tim Truman of Jonah Hex and Grimjack sat in on a panel.
Andy Schmidt, IDW Editor and founder of Comic Experience had a table. Robert Atkins of GI Joe also had a table.

Kudos to the boys at CGS for the most creator friendly con ever.

Try Some Pig Candy

28 Apr

If you happen to be trawling the Lower East Side of New York City, go to the Essex Street Market right on the border of Chinatown and find the little stall called Roni-Sue’s where you can get this little treat.  What is it?  Chocolate covered BACON.  Yes.  It’s not cheap but sure is tasty. Try it. You might like it.  So you’re vegetarian, Kosher, Muslim or just not into pork?  You can try the truffles in lime cardamom, diablo (chili), and a bunch of other unconventional flavors.

Race & Comics

28 Apr

Check out Paul Allor’s exposition on Race and Comics at his Gov’t Comics website.
Thank you PA for bringing up this annoying issue. Perhaps this is only a problem in the US, but if comics are to remain relevant let’s not have a perfectly good idea derailed by laziness or ignorance.

MoCCA Fest: Indy Mania

11 Apr

The 10th annual MoCCA Fest Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art April 9-10, 2011 at the 69th Regiment Armory building, a vast space.  An complete treasure trove of independent creators of all forms.  There was absolutely no signs of commercialism or big studios or superheroes.

Creators that stood out to me:

Bill Plympton did a beautiful sketch.  Team of Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente

Sikhtoons- whimsical with a great educational and social message

Kensuke Okabayashi of presented his first effort “The Foreigner” in particular Louis Chin’s Womp

MoCCA was founded in 2001 to the production and history of comic bookscomic stripsand other forms of cartoon art.

C2E2 Report from Chicago

22 Mar

The 2nd Annual Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo on March 18-20 was a refreshing change from the giganta-cons we’ve hit recently.  Even though it was held in the monstrous McCormick Place it still felt like a manageable event – kind of like Boston as a city compared to New York, all the benefits of the big city without most of the drawbacks.  Archaia had a huge presence front and center at the show and looked like they did very well with their titles like Mouse Guard.
Georgia and I had a blast hitting the Artist Alley.  We met some great people there like Robert Atkins, Chris Sotomayor, and the wonderful guys at Comic Geek Speak.  The panels were terrific with no lines or waiting.  The Intellectual Property panel was very popular, the Food & Comics with Rick Bayless the strangest.  Panelists did a bang-up job trying to draw parallels between the two though.

The day ended at the Nerd Bar of the adjoining Hyatt where we met Shanna VanVolt and David Pepose of Newsrama, and Black Panther writer David Liss, novelist and ended up having dinner

Molecular Jewelry

10 Oct

In love with this great line from Made With Molecules.  Earring are $40, necklaces start at $75.  You can even have your own custom amino acids.  And how geeky is that?

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