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It’s a Small Comics World After All

4 May

I was so pleased to spot Alex Jay, a long-time friend and graphic designer wandering the aisles of MoCCA Fest last weekend.  We have not stayed in touch as of late, so he did a double take when he saw me on the other side of the table.  Turns out he had designed logos for Marvel and DC back in the ’80s and ’90s (including the one you see here) and I had no idea!  Check out his blog Tenth Letter of the Alphabet where he talks about his process.  You will also see some of his work on Todd Klein’s site  Here Todd talks about his all-time favorite Thor logo designed by Alex.


Twitter Interview with Matt Fraction on Casanova

11 May

@amychu @comicexperience whattdya got. fire away.

@mattfraction oooh OK- 1) how did it get started? did you pitch Casanova to Image or vice versa? 2) re Marvel – same question…

@amychu 1)was asked to pitch a book in FELL format; was into’d by @warrenellis. 2) I asked after a while, then waited for stars to align

@mattfraction question #3: will we get to see all seven sins?

@amychu at least thru 4, but signs are good. Reprint numbers as high as old versions were. Optimistic.

@mattfraction vewwy cool. thanks! what were you most & least pleased with the way the new Casanova came out?

@amychu the colors, the letters, and how they made the already-amazing art better/the writing

@mattfraction last question before I put my tots to bed- dare I ask, is there a movie adaptation in the works?

@amychu yes, but it’s not the first time. Might as well play the lottery, but, again: optimistic.




Free Comic Book Day Hits Midtown Manhattan

10 May

Thankfully Saturday May 7 was a glorious day as we hit Midtown Comics in Times Square NYC. Arriving promptly at opening 11am my son and I were dismayed to see the line stretch all the way down the block. Apparently people started lining up before 8 am.




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