New Artwork by Craig Yeung

10 Mar


for an upcoming story “Girls’ Night Out” 


Eagle Awards New Talent Competition: The Huntsman Challenge

7 Mar

Eagle Awards New Talent Competition: The Huntsman Challenge

with artwork by Cabral


Review: AMC’s Comic Book Men or Let’s Just Dig That Grave A Little Deeper, Shall We?

13 Feb


I tried watching.  I really did.  About 40 minutes into the show I had to give up.  It had everything going for it- a sweet spot following The Walking Dead, star power meets comic cred in the form of Fanboy-gone-Hollywood Kevin Smith, and MORE advertising than the earth shattering DC Comics universe reboot last fall.  What went wrong? Three things:  1) an ill-conceived format 2) lack of confidence in the content, and most importantly 3) absence of passion.

1) On the format: we had no idea where the show was going aside from the expected sophomoric humor.  It’s like they didn’t know what kind of reality show they wanted to be. Game show? Desperate housewives?  Later, it was like someone belatedly read The Rules on Reality Shows Handbook and said, ah, we must throw in a challenge to spice things up!  We all know reality shows are not reality.  Those that are, we call “documentaries.”

2) A lack of confidence that mainstream audiences might be interested in the world of comics as it is today.  This is a show that went for cheap tricks and stereotypes to drum up ratings.   A little respect for the audience, please.  These are viewers who are already interested in zombies in comics.

3) Absence of passion.  I have no doubt that these guys without the cameras around can discuss heatedly and with passion about continuity and any number of topics.  And I wanted to like them, I really did.  But with the cameras on them, they looked like they were singing for their supper, and they knew it. Even the Ming-baiting was pathetic.

I won’t really get into the whole treatment of women in comics thing.  Anyone who has gone to a comic convention lately will laugh at you if you claim that women/girls have no interest in geek culture. And any comic book store with a modicrum of marketing sense know having women on their staff certainly does not hurt sales. I’m not sure why keeping the original lineup with Zoe Gulliksen (@bookishbelle on Twitter) would have made it any less authentic than it already was.   If Kevin Smith doesn’t believe women in comic book shops is a reality, well he needs to shop at other stores besides his own.

What could have made it better?  More than 8.1 million viewers watched The Walking Dead last night.  This translated into 2 million viewers for CBM, and who knows how many prospective consumers of print and digital comics?  Surely these viewers could have been treated to a discussion about other indie comics.  You enjoy The Walking Dead?  Let’s talk about American Vampire, or Chew, instead of little tidbits like who is the hottest female character (yawn.) Argue with a passion about the new Catwoman. And sure maybe a knowledgeable woman or two would’ve helped.  Bring in a guest star – I mean Rachel Maddow reads comics.  Hey, make them all women.  Anything but this. A sorely needed and missed opportunity to get new and relapsed readers.

Let us mourn together.


Impressive Feat: One Man Lord of the Rings

5 Feb

If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, nay, a fan of the Peter Jackson LOTR, you will be rolling in the aisles if can catch Charles Ross” one man show. Ross manages to squeeze all three extended DVD versions in one compact show by recreating the highlights with some hilarious interpretations.

His dizzying array of impersonations from Frodo all the way to Treebeard left the audience rolling in the aisles and gasping for air.  It’s an incredibly physical performance – he had to stop twice to get some water. But his ability to recreate key battle scenes solo is something to behold.  This is a show for the hardcore audience.  To fully appreciate it, rewatch the trilogy (preferably the extended version) before so you can keep up with fast-paced sequences and inside jokes.

One Man Lord of the Rings will be coming to New York Feb 17-19.  More performances listed here:

Any guesses what this is?

6 Jan


One of my new prezzies

4 Jan



Sneak Peek of Meridien City #2

16 Dec

Sneak Peek of Meridien City #2

where we are introduced to two new characters, Bubbles and the Professor

Probably the most fun project yet

9 Dec

and because Louie Chin did the hardest part, drawing, coloring and HAND LETTERING each page! So maybe you’re wondering how you can get a hold of this beautifully illustrated comic?  Make a donation to the museum in any amount, shoot me the confirmation email, and I’ll happily send you either the pdf or one of the few print copies I have.


Working the Writing Muscles

27 Nov

Here’s what I just submitted for the November Challenge at Comics Experience.  “In a three page script, write one story with parallel storytelling in which two separate stories are happening back and forth, as you cut in and out of them both. BUT, the stories intersect in ONE PANEL and one panel only. That panel can appear anywhere in the three pages, but they must intersect once.

For the purposes of this exercise, intersecting means that some “story element” must appear in the two parallel stories. It can be a character, location, thing, or even pertinent dialogue.” 

This is loosely inspired by a visit a few years ago to a distant relative who lived all her adult years in New York.  She was a spunky lad and had many great stories to tell.


By Amy Chu




In a tiny, sparsely furnished studio apartment ROSIE, a twenty-five year old Chinese-American woman in bathrobe and curlers is holding two dresses up against her body in front of a mirror. One looks more conservative with long sleeves, the other is sleeveless with a shorter hem.

1. CAPTION: December, 1958

2. ROSIE (humming in small letters with music notes): rockin’ around… the Christmas tree…


Flash forward to today. JACKIE, an African-American woman in her late twenties/early thirties returns home from work. She’s just inside the door removing her coat which reveals a waitressing uniform underneath. Her apartment is small, plain and frugal. Her headphones are on and there is a bag of groceries next to her. She’s in a rush.

3. CAPTION: December 2011

4. JACKIE (singing): All the single ladies…doo doo doo


ROSIE now wearing the sleeveless dress, is fixing her hair in front of the mirror.

5. ROSIE (continues humming): … the Christmas party hop


JACKIE is in her small kitchen. She has one arm stretched out and pulling a green top over her head with the other hand. The bag of groceries is on the counter.

6. JACKIE (singing): put your hands up..up


Rosie, with her hat and coat on, gets into a old style yellow cab. A man in his twenties, also in hat and coat, holds the door open for her.


Jackie has her coat back on and she’s rummaging through the bag of groceries.

7. JACKIE: Where are you, pumpkin? It’s Friday night. I gotta go. People are waiting on me.



Rosie is sitting in a red banquette at swanky “21” style restaurant surrounded by older, slightly more elegantly dressed couples. The waiters are in black tie. She is looking around, clearly excited and impressed by the scene. Her date is making goo-goo eyes at her.

1. ROSIE: So where are we going after dinner?

2. YOUNG MAN: If I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise.


Jackie puts out a bowl of cat food on the floor. A cat’s head is peeking out from the edge of the panel looking at the food.

3. JACKIE: There you are- playing hard to get, huh? See you manana. Don’t make any trouble while I’m gone.


Rosie and her date are out on the city sidewalk. She is gawking at the beautiful Christmas display in a department store window. Her date is tugging at her.

4. YOUNG MAN: Rosie, not now- we’re going to be late.


Jackie is outside her dilapidated Bronx apartment building. There’s a bum on the curb holding a bottle in a brown paper bag. She’s running and waving at the bus pulling away from the stop.

5. JACKIE: Hey! Hey!


Rosie and her date are running arm in arm up to a brightly lit Radio City Music Hall. The marquee reads “The Nutcracker Suite”

6. YOUNG MAN: Tada! Happy Birthday!



Jackie, panting from running into a building, clocks in to work by sticking her timecard in the machine on the wall. A coworker in a coat is just leaving.

1. COWORKER: Cutting it close there aren’t you, Jackie?


Rosie and her date are sitting in the packed theater audience. The light from the stage illuminates her excited face.


JACKIE is standing with another aide Al in the drab community room of a nursing home. A few old folk in hospital gowns and pajamas are listlessly hanging about staring into space. She’s wearing the green hospital scrubs she was putting on earlier and checking her clipboard.

2. JACKIE: Look at these folks. Gotta feel sorry for them, stuck here on a night like this.


Same scene as PANEL TWO but close in on ROSIE shivering in her sleeveless dress. Her date looks concerned and starts taking off his jacket.


JACKIE tucks a blanket around a frail eighty year old Chinese lady in a wheelchair. She shows signs of dementia – her face is illuminated by the TV screen showing a broadcast of the Nutcracker Suite, but her eyes are blank and unseeing. She has a slightly crooked smile.

3. JACKIE: Rosie, hon, are you cold? Hey Al, look, she’s smiling.


Nerd Power

13 Nov


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