Impressive Feat: One Man Lord of the Rings

5 Feb

If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, nay, a fan of the Peter Jackson LOTR, you will be rolling in the aisles if can catch Charles Ross” one man show. Ross manages to squeeze all three extended DVD versions in one compact show by recreating the highlights with some hilarious interpretations.

His dizzying array of impersonations from Frodo all the way to Treebeard left the audience rolling in the aisles and gasping for air.  It’s an incredibly physical performance – he had to stop twice to get some water. But his ability to recreate key battle scenes solo is something to behold.  This is a show for the hardcore audience.  To fully appreciate it, rewatch the trilogy (preferably the extended version) before so you can keep up with fast-paced sequences and inside jokes.

One Man Lord of the Rings will be coming to New York Feb 17-19.  More performances listed here:

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