Enter the New Year

1 Jan

As 2012 turned into 2013 across multiple time zones last night, I was in front of my computer the whole time finishing a script. (Shows you what a total procrastinating geek I am.) It was not a glorious moment. In the moments when the words were just not flowing, I jotted down some spontaneous New Year’s resolutions on Evernote.

Here they are in their cut n’ paste glory:

Stop letting the small things make my life miserable.

Eat more veggies, less meat and dairy.

Ignore ads as much as possible.

Be more planned.

Be more spontaneous.

Be more prolific.

Believe more and question less.

Steer clear of fake people.

Drunk tweet a little more often.

Build more Legos.

Looking at it this morning I still think it’s a pretty fine list. Add on to it “stop procrastinating,” “blog more regularly,” and “proof before hitting send” and I think I’m set for this year.

Cheers to you, your loved ones and hope 2013 will be a better year than the last!


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